The META-Wiki is a living compendium of the psycho-bio-socio-logical connections.

It gives an anatomical and physiological introduction to the organ systems, single organs and specific tissues, as well as the brain layers and relays concerned.

The biological function of these tissues defines the conflict theme they react upon with typical symptoms that change throughout the cycle of trauma, conflictive (stress) phase, regeneration, healing peak, and the body's warning mechanism. Examples of these symptoms are given, as well as possible medical diagnoses for them. Of course, with ongoing experience and case studies in our database, this information is extended.

The affected organs have typical qualities of emotions attached when stressed, and thoughts that prompt these emotions. From this perspective, META-meanings can be deducted that help to heal bodymind.

The named emotions, thoughts and META-meanings are examples to translate the biological function of our organs for the individual human mind. We added shortened client examples for illustration. The "differential diagnoses" give various tissues, themes and symptoms to compare similar affections to each other.

This compendium does NOT claim that the human bodymind will heal completely by resolving conflicts. Health and disease are multifactorial, and we find that dispositions are created already at an early age or even before birth. However, our understanding gives valuable directions in which to find the key for holistic healing. In that, META-Health professionals wish to collaborate with scientific and alternative health care providers to boost efficiency by an integrative approach that suits the individual.

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